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Present Sir!

Present Sir is a revolutionary portable e-attendance product by insights Automata designed to shorten the time it takes for teachers to take attendance in the classroom of a school, college, or university.

Why Present Sir!?

Error-free instant data storage.

Enhance the performance of the class lecture.

Statistical report on a regular basis.

Ensure unlawful activities regarding attendance in the classroom.

Authorized personnel can monitor the efficiency of class-schedule.

Key Features​

Error-free instant data storage.

  1. Portable Device easily handled.
  2. Durable for regular use in the classroom
  3. Longer battery life.
  4. Direct attendance input into the database.
  5. Data monitor from the customized mobile app.
  6. Low-cost device.
  7. Customization is possible based on the needs of the customer.
  8. Statistical report on a regular basis.