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Lower your utility consumption and manage your bills

e-Utility Manager (Home & Industry)

Our utility products like AC (Air Conditioner), Fan, Water Pump, etc. remain turned on even when no one is using them, resulting in an extra utility expense in Bangladesh. This is a common problem in large locations such as universities, industries, and even small regions such as homes. Insights automata offer the e-Utility Manager, a sensor-based energy optimization system that reduces utility costs.

Why e-Utility Manager?

Lower your utility consumption and manage your bills.

Control your equipment.

Maintain water storage and monitor quantity and quality.

Remote monitoring via an app is feasible.

Stop the wastage of energy.

Key Features​

The cost per performance is low.

  1. Easy to install.
  2. The cost per performance is low.
  3. Low power devices i.e. installed systems will not add a significant utility bill.
  4. Reduces your monthly utility bill. 
  5. Customization is possible based on the needs of the customer.
  6. Never change your home aesthetics. 
  7. Occupancy dependent Load control.
  8. Central monitoring of the residence and projection.
  9. Include your existing (if any) Generators, Pumps, and HVAC systems.
  10. Maintain indoor loads as per the outdoor environment.
  11. Statistical report on a regular basis.